Good and bad points about PaperScan Home v3.x

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Good and bad points about PaperScan Home v3.x

Post by karimsisi » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:16 pm

I hope my feedback helps in improving PaperScan (all editions (Free, Home, and Professional))

Good points:
1. Smallest scanned PDF size of all software I have used so far, without any loss in quality.
2.Very accurate de-skewing for black and white documents.
3. Excellent de-speckling for black and white documents.
4. Easy to use desktop design requiring little training.

Bad points:
1. [Pro Edition] Lacks batch de-speckling. It is an extremely time-saving feature when scanning many similar pages from an ADF.
2. [Home Edition] Lacks batch operations of any kind. Again, an extremely time-saving feature when scanning many pages from an ADF.

Allow me to elaborate a little on this point. I wish all batch operations would be available in the Home edition because even home users scan multiple pages from ADF; it is not a requirement unique to companies, such as saving to a SharePoint server. Can you imagine how time- and effort-consuming it is when I need to scan 10 pages from the ADF and then have to de-skew and de-speckle each and every page one at a time?

Moreover, I, as a home user, can't afford to pay $150 for the Pro Edition just to save time to have batch operations. What makes matters worse is that not all functions are available in batch operations such as de-speckling. When the trial verion of PaperScan Pro ends, I will have to make a choice; either use the free edition of PaperScan but waste time and effort on de-skewing and de-speckling each and every page manually. Or, use a competitor's software that offers batch operations for all functions but put up with the bigger file size and worse de-speckling. I believe the choice is clear. If the Home edition has full batch operations for all features, then my choice would have been clear and I would have bought it right after the trial ends.

One final note, I commend you on making a free edition, albeit with limited features, and expect it will help spread PaperScan and gain market share in the long run.

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