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PDF Reducer on findmysoft.com

Post by Elodie » Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:37 pm


ORPALIS PDF Reducer has just been reviewed on http://www.findmysoft.com/ !

In addition to the review, a short video has been created, which shows how PDF Reducer works, how to start with it and accomplish the basic tasks. Really usefull for anyone who just downloaded PDF Reducer!

Below is the full review of PDF Reducer:
ORPALIS PDF Reducer - Compress and optimize PDF documents
Smaller files can be stored, shared or viewed on a web page much faster. If you have difficulties with one or more PDF documents, you can reduce their size with ORPALIS PDF Reducer. The software allows you to manipulate and remove certain contents within a PDF file, making it possible to optimize your document's characteristics for web publishing, sharing and other tasks.

ORPALIS PDF Reducer is available in Free and Pro versions. The Pro edition comes with a few extra features, but it is not free. Regardless of your choice, you must download the same installation package and go through the same setup procedure. While using the Free edition, you may activate the Pro features at any time, if you pay for the upgrade.

After specifying a source and a destination on the main interface, you just need to click a button and start processing the targeted document. Additionally, you can set the program to single or multi-thread processing. Warnings, errors and logs are displayed on separate tabs, in the lower region of the interface.

You don't have to interact with too many options on the main window. The program's core capabilities can be found and used on a tabbed settings panel. Depending on your personal settings, ORPALIS PDF Reducer can discard unused objects within the loaded PDF, recompress and downscale images, remove annotations, embedded files, bookmarks and form fields and more. It is also possible to change the quality of the contained images and to downscale their resolutions.

The software includes a unique color detection mechanism, which balances quality and size very well. It automates a long and tedious process, but the best part is that you only need to click a check box in order to activate this feature and specify if the PDF was created by a scanner or not.

ORPALIS PDF Reducer is not limited to processing single files. You can select different input methods, like folder selection or drag and drop, on the same settings panel. It is also possible to select a different PDF version, from 1.2 to 1.7, as the output format.

The program is very effective when it comes to reducing the size of a PDF document. It includes unique features for removing or modifying a document's contents. You can process your documents one by one or process multiple files in a single run.

The multi-thread processing feature is available only in the Pro version.

Over-sized PDF documents can be optimized with only a few clicks, thanks to ORPALIS PDF Reducer's smart capabilities.
And more, FindMySoft gave an award to PDF Reducer based on the user interface, features and complexity. Findmysoft has rated ORPALIS PDF Reducer 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential!


You will find the video and the review here: http://orpalis-pdf-reducer.findmysoft.com/

Thanks a lot Frederick! ;)




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