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PaperScan Version 3 New Minors Releases

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:06 pm
by Caroline

Let us show you the PaperScan history of changes since the

- Version (April 18th 2017)

Dramatically improved the blank page detection mechanish.
Improved TWAIN memory transfer speed.
Improved document import speed, quality and compatibility with complex documents.
Improved user interface speed.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (April 11th 2017)

Improved autodeskew filter.
Improved OCR engine accuracy.
Improved support for high definition document scanning (1200 DPI).
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (March 2nd 2017)

Improved TWAIN acquisition speed.
Settings dialog enhancement to fit every screen resolutions.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (February 21st 2017)

Improved acquisition speed for high volume scanners.
Improved image rendering speed.
Improved JPEG-2000 file loading speed.
Improved PNG file generation speed.
Improved PDF importing engine (quality and speed).
PDF-OCR: improved generation speed.
Improved user interface behaviour.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (December 22nd 2016)

Added option to favor memory transfer mode.
Improved speed of the viewer.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (December 7th 2016)

Fixed a Windows Vista related issue.

- Version (November 28th 2016)

Fixed a Windows XP related issue.

- Version (November 21st 2016)

Improved autodeskew accuracy.
Improved application behavior when the WIA service is not available.
Improved quality of imported PDF pages.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (October 12th 2016)

Improved automatic updates.
Improved document imaging filters quality and speed.
Improved compatibility with some buggy drivers.
Improved the PDF import engine.
Improved the OCR engine speed and accuracy.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (May 23th 2016)

Battery of minor bug fixes.

- Version (May 18th 2016)

Improved format handling.
Improved page orientation detection accuracy.
Fixed a bug with the "Keep source open after scan process" feature. This option is also disabled by default.
New feature in the scanning dialog box: "Show device user interface before scanning".
Improved OCR accuracy and speed.
Battery of minor bug fixes.

You will find the complete list of changes here:

Uninstallation before update is not required anymore since version

You can download the latest version and edition of PaperScan on our website, here is a direct link:

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