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PDF Reducer V.3 New Minor Release 3.0.17

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:58 pm
by Coralie

PDF Reducer version 3.0.17 is here!

What's new in this minor release?

- Added an option to only process PDF documents
- Added a command line option to choose the document formats to process
- Added possibility to keep the original last edition and access time of the input files (command line:"/KT")
- Added warning when input folder and output folder are the same and possibility do disable this warning.
- Got rid of Romanian language support. (will be reintroduced with several other languages in a future update).
- Added support for txt, rtf, docx and svg input formats.
- Battery of user interface improvements.
- Battery of minor bug fixes.

To upgrade to the latest version, download your edition on our website, here is a direct link: