Feature Requests for PaperScan.
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Post by Rinkoma » Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:43 pm

Hi, I wrote in the past on this same forum and asked for a few things. You basically implemented them all and I was very happy! :D You rock and your software is by far the best in this category!

As for the system specs (as instructed in Before you post):

Scanner: A quite old HP ScanJet 3770 digital flatbed scanner (though I have a newer model at work - HP ScanJet 4550)
OS: Windows 8.1 pro 64-bit
Software: PaperScan v2.0.29 Professional Edition

As for the requests...

I (and I reckon quite a lot of other people) could use a well formed shortcut system (and by well formed, I certainly don't mean the ones you currently have like Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Alt+D which are bad to be honest).

I remember suggesting you to add a shortcut for Quick Scan and telling you to make it simple as in one letter only.
You came through with my request and added a Ctrl+Q combination which is not bad but could have been better if there was only a single key needed to iniate that action, say just a Q key. I admit it's already simple but can be even better.

What is really lacking in this software is the ability to make certain alterations BEFORE you save the scanned document (like every other software of this type has). I admit, you added a few (though you need to add more), but aside from totally impractical shortcut system you implemented, which doesn't cover 30% of the actions, there are actions which symply must have a shortcut! If you can't do that or don't want to bother with it, at least integrate the ability for the user to apply his own combinations, to define his own, just like in games :)

One of those essential actions which don't have the dedicated keyboard shorctut is the ability to delete a part of the image and THEN save the document in desired format.
If I say scan a picture and want to delete a single line of text on it or something, I need to select it (and I can't even choose a freehand selection - I can only use a rectangle!) and then head to Edit, Erase selected area! And it is not even possible to make more than one selection at the time using keys like Ctrl or Shift (again every other basic picture editing software has this) but only one, so I need to go to Edit, Erase... every time I need to make a single adjustment (Despecle and Remove isolated dots in Bitonal Filters are broken - they don't do anything and even if they did, it certainly is not what they are meant to do)!

This is unacceptable.
What you should do is implement the very basic feature to delete anything selected with simple Delete key.
A bonus should be to implement the freehand selection or even magic wand capability (like photoshop has).

So to summarize (in order of priority and common sense):

1. Add freehand selection and make it so that when a user selects something (either with a rectangle or freehand), he/she can add another selection with the Ctrl (or whichever key) and be able to delete that part/selection with say Delete (or again whichever key).
The Erase selected area needs to have a shortcut! That is simply a MUST.
The best would be to use "Delete" key (which is logical and every other program use it for the same purpose)

2. Add the option to create/change the shortcut of any or most of the available actions in program.
Also lose the combinations which require three keys to do anything - that is simply wrong.

That's it for now! :D

Thank you for the wonderful program you have created and I hope you will continue to improve it...
...hopefully listening to little pieces of advice users of your software are giving you :)
You have done this before so I know you are good listeners and skilled/talented developers who have accomplished quite a lot and can do so much more...

All the best,



Re: Shortcuts

Post by Lisa » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:50 pm


First of all, sorry for the delayed reply.
Thank you for choosing PaperScan.
I am happy to announce that the new version of PaperScan (PaperScan version 3) including a support for custom keyboard shortcuts management will be released soon and I hope, meet your expectations.

Please, let me know if you have further questions.


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