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Outlook interface

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:04 pm
by frankjorissen
It would be nice if there were a handshake with Outlook to trigger mailing the result of a scan operation directly, rather than go through the process of saving to a file and then attaching that file to a mail. See eg how SnagIt does that.
Or perhaps that function is already available but I don't find it (I use Home Edition on win10, scanner = Xerox) ?

Re: Outlook interface

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:10 pm
by Hugo
This feature is indeed interesting and is not currently in Paperscan. We will look in to implementng this for future releases.
In the meantime there are alternative ways you can do this such as using printing to email software. Since we have an option to print your pages to a device you may want to look into this method.
Thank you for your suggestion nonetheless.