PaperScan Pro and Neat ND1000

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PaperScan Pro and Neat ND1000

Post by dwpenn » Sun May 04, 2014 1:00 am

I have a ND 1000 scanner and the latest PaperScan Pro works with it, but doesn't seem to use one major integral part of that scanner, that would make me buy the Pro product. I refer to Duplexing. Other features that would be nice to have are automatic detection of color and detection of the presence of a blank sheet or blank side. This ND1000 was independently found to be 95% compatible and if I understand the independent rating system/objective you can't get within 5% and not have it be functioning in all key functions. I take that to mean that it may be something small, something I'm missing with your software or its setup.

As scanners go the Neat scanner is fine, I just don't like their software (never have) and I'd rather have some vanilla-featured software than try to accomplish all the things they want to. I just want electronic document filing, I don't need bookkeeping, tax interface, business cards, or my shoes shined, floor swept, and all the other things they want to do with the OCR data for me once they have it.


Re: PaperScan Pro and Neat ND1000

Post by Lisa » Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:35 pm

Hello Dean

By "PaperScan Pro works but doesn't seem to use one major integral part of that scanner" are you referring to your ticket about the feature "Duplex" to be grayed out?.
Regarding the "duplex scanning" problem, if this option is deactivated and actually grayed out, it means that your scanner does not give you access to this functionality.
I'm afraid, there's nothing I can do to help as it does not come from the software.
Again, in order to work flawlessly, PaperScan needs an up-to-date driver (preferably TWAIN)
Check you are using the latest TWAIN or WIA driver's version of your device (If your device can be controlled by both WIA bridge from Microsoft and the TWAIN driver of the supplier, you have to use the TWAIN driver).
You can find the latest drivers on your scanner's brand website.
Here is a topic from this forum that may give you some clues: twain-acquisition-issues-t214.html
If you still can not access to this option after following the steps above, check an up-to-date version of your scanner's driver from time to time, this feature may be available soon.


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