Kodak i30 sanner and PaperScan free

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Kodak i30 sanner and PaperScan free

Post by Eliuv » Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:14 pm


I'm trying to use a.m. scanner with free Paperscan, but no success...

My configuration:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32.
Kodak i30 scanner, with latest driver from Kodak's site.
PaperScan free, latest ver.

PaperScan detects only the internet usb camera connected to the PC, but not the scanner, I've changed TWAIN ver. to 1.9
and it doesn't help either.

Any help??

Tnx, Eli


Re: Kodak i30 sanner and PaperScan free

Post by Lisa » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:08 pm


I suggest that you download the latest drivers including a specific TWAIN driver for your Kodak i30 scanner, here is a direct link where you can find them : http://graphics.kodak.com/DocImaging/NL ... /index.htm

I also invite you to read this post if you still encounter problems : twain-acquisition-issues-t214.html

Don't forget to unplug your device while you install your drivers and reconnect after.
Uninstall your actual version of PaperScan and re-install it.
A new version has been recently released, but you can still find a free edition of course : http://www.orpalis.com/products/papersc ... n-free.php


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