I didn't click save, have I subsequently lost my files?

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I didn't click save, have I subsequently lost my files?

Post by dvdextras » Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:43 pm


I've just sat down and scanned in some important documents - which aren't irreplaceable but that I'll have to phone and possibly meet various different people to organize getting further copies of, and in one case it's going to cost me a few quid in the process (not that any of this really matters). I've been using Windows Fax & Scan for awhile whenever I want to scan something (which is rarely) but I don't particularly like it, so I went and looked for something else to use to do my scanning with and found your application.

I realize this is my own stupidity, but after I finished scanning, I closed your application and then a few minutes later went and shredded the files.

Now I can't find them on my computer, or in the application, and it seems I should've clicked the Save button as I went along so that the files would be stored on my hard drive rather than just discarded when I closed the program.

I really hope you can tell me otherwise, that there's a folder that by default my files will have been saved to and that I just haven't found them yet (I've looked all over the place, and also with the windows search feature, and also with some undelete type software).

I feel so stupid! Why do end users always expect programmers to put in handy little warnings to say things like "If you close the program now without saving, your files will be discarded, is this OK?". So I'm hoping that you can tell me my files are safe!

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Re: I didn't click save, have I subsequently lost my files?

Post by Loïc » Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:14 am

Hello there,

Unfortunately all scanned images are stored in compressed memory blob during scanning process. In other words, we do not use temporary files that you can recover by yourself :(

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