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User Manual

Post by smb » Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:30 pm

Hello -

I have downloaded the at Home trial version. I will be using the software on multiple scanning devices fi-6770(A), HP Officeject j4680 and Visioneer Strobe XP450 I have two questions:

1. I am particularly interested in the feature listed on website "Post Image Processing: color adjustment, color space convertion, effects, filters, crop and more..." however I am not seeing how to do this as a batched item, more than one image at a time. I would like to scan in a multi-page document, like a book or magazine, if there is enhancing to be done I would like to select the settings one time and apply to all pages. Is this possible?

2. Is there a user manual or any instructions on how to use the features, I have questions regarding how to connect to a scanner (does the driver have to be installed first?), saving multi-page documents vs. individual documents, the "median" feature shown as an example on the website I don't see as an option. If there are instructions somewhere I'm sure many of my questions would be answered. If not could you please address?

Thank you,

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Re: User Manual

Post by Cedric » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:15 pm


Thank you for your interest in PaperScan !
Sorry for the delay, we are under a heavy workload lately and we are trying our best to support our users.
About your second point, unfortunately there's no user manual or instructions. We made the choice to build a very simple tool with a very simple user interface and to only provide support via our forums.
With that said, if you find that something isn't clear enough or not intuitive, we count on our users to let us know and if a basic documentation is mandatory we'll discuss it.
Anyway, feel free to ask us anything that might be useful through your experience with PaperScan.

Regarding your questions :
- Post Image Processing is not available in batch processing mode because applying thing kind of effects or adjustment is based on the image you're processing, settings would change for every image therefor batch processing is only available for processing that are not image dependent (like hole punch removal or borders removal).
- Regarding how to connect to a scanner, it's pretty simple : install each scanner just as usual (usually you have to install drivers first, then connect the scanner and voila) then PaperScan will show you the list of the available devices in the menu Devices > Select device.
- Saving multi-page vs individual documents is very simple too : if you scan multiple pages you can save them as a single multi-pages PDF or as many PDF as you have pages. For example if you acquire 10 pages from a magazine, you have 10 images in PaperScan, you can choose between saving them into a 10 pages PDF or into 10 separated PDF.
- Median feature is a filter you can apply to reduce noise as shown on our website, it's located under Edit > Filters > Median.

Let me know if you have more questions or if something isn't clear enough :)

Thank you for evaluating PaperScan.


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