Long document segments not displayed or saving

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Long document segments not displayed or saving

Post by frahasio » Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:11 pm


I'm running the pro trial on windows 7 professional and am having trouble scanning long documents. Before purchasing the software I need to know if it is capable of processing these. The scanner only has a TWAIN driver for 7 (it's a discontinued model - Kodak i280) and works with other software (have been using adobe acrobat until now, but trying out Paperscan as I would like to scan straight to tif/jpg). I am scanning long technical documents (up to several metres) and as with all other software, Paperscan cuts each scan into chunks which I can then glue together using other software. The problem is, that once the scan completes and the program has stopped thinking, only the last section has a thumbnail/shows up in preview pane when clicked - the other sections have blank thumbnails and show nothing in preview. I ran some tests and discovered that Paperscan seems to cope ok with anything up to 3 sections (=almost 2m chopped up into 32" chunks), but more than that produces the problem. This also affects saving - a 3 chunk image will save fine as a multipage tif or seperate jpgs, but more than that and I get "an error occured saving page(s) in TIFF format (1)". Here's a screenshot and I have the TWAIN log in case that's any use (too big to append to this message apparently). Hope you can help as the software is excellent otherwise, but no use to me unless this can be fixed!
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Re: Long document segments not displayed or saving

Post by Lisa » Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:35 pm

Hello Francis

First of all, very sorry for the delay.
May I suggest you to download our latest version on our website, here is a direct link: http://www.orpalis.com/products/papersc ... an-pro.php
PaperScan version 3 is a new version with lots of new options and improvements.
It really may help with your problem.
Just click on "Download PaperScan Pro Trial" and try the new version for free for 30 days with technical support via our Help Desk: https://support.orpalis.com/


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