File name saving questions

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File name saving questions

Post by marki » Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:45 pm


I'm testing the PaperScan Home Edition, looks great so far.
I have got some questions about saving files, please:
1. An existing file with the same name is overwritten without asking about it.
I would like to suggest that you add a security question before deleting the file.

2. I have noticed an issue with the file name pattern as described when clicking
the help button: HHmmss doesn't seem to work since it always shows 000000.
e.g. file name pattern _MM-dd-yyyy_HHmmss gets to _09-21-2013_000000.

3. Is there a way to generate completely Auto generated file names like
'PScan MM-dd-yyyy_HHmmss' without the need to enter any file name manually?

4. The clicking state of clicking "Add Post-Name" doesn't seem to be persistent.

Thank you and best wishes,

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Re: File name saving questions

Post by Loïc » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:39 pm

Hello Marki,

My apologies for the delay, we're quite busy these last times...

For 1 I've added the option in our roadmap.
For 2 we fixed the issue for the next minor release.
For 3 we do not provide this option. This would require some re-factoring of our application. I add the feature in the wish-list (which is 3 kilometers long :))
For 4: The add post name option will be persistent for the next minor release.

Hope this helps!

With best regards,



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