Scrolling down logs

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Scrolling down logs

Post by ArchiePepper » Mon May 02, 2016 4:30 pm


This is my first post since downloading Orpalis PDF Reducer, so first of all can I say how good I think it is. Thanks to everyone involved in its development. I'm using it in Windows (Windows Vista to be exact).

I have just one slight issue. In the window that lets me track the progress of the thread, when I click on the logs tab, I can only see the logs as far as I can go down to the bottom of the pane. I cannot scroll down to the logs below that and, try as I might, I cannot expand the pane even though there would be room on my screen to do so (the window is in full-screen mode but the pane that contains the logs does not take up all of the window, if you see what I mean). In the thread in question, I have 51 logs but I can only see the first 49, very frustratingly.

Any ideas how I can see the rest of the log? Or indeed is the log saved as a document somewhere? (Tried and failed on that score too).

Any advice gratefully received.

UPDATE: By moving the Windows toolbar from the bottom of the screen to the right, I was able to give myself the tiny bit of extra space needed to see the 51st and final log, so that's great on this occasion, but the problem will still be there in future for logs of more than 51, as the pane is definitely now at the absolute maximum for my screen. Therefore any advice will still be gratefully received :)

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Re: Scrolling down logs

Post by Hugo » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:48 am

All the logs should now be viewable and the log window size adapted to how many logs there are.
Thank you for your remark.


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