Windows NetworkPath Problem

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Windows NetworkPath Problem

Post by Klaus » Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:54 am

We try to test the trialversion with PDF's via Windows UNC-Paths (so "\\<Ip>\<Path>"). But it seems, that the PDF-Reducer doesnt work.
Its maybe important to know, that we use in our script the /P & /D -Arguments.
There is no error-message to see, only the programstart and -stop with untouched Pdf's. What do we wrong?

Update: If i try to reduce pdf's on the server where the pdfreducer is installed, i get a messagebox with "Source folder does not exist". Does that mean, that the tool can only work with drive labels?

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Re: Windows NetworkPath Problem

Post by Hugo » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:44 am

This issue should be fixed for the latest version of PDF Reducer. If you coem across the issue again please let us know so we can solve it for you.


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