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Post by Elodie » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:28 pm


PaperScan Professional Edition has just been reviewed by

A short video highlights the way the application looks and works, what the main menus are and how to perform basic tasks with it.

Here is the complete review by Jerome Johnston, the software review editor:
Almost anybody has a a scanner and uses it on a regular basis. Having a scanner is the best way of sending paper documents over email, as an attachment or as a fax. But the problem is that most scanning applications that are included in the scanner's packages are not good enough for most users and have limited features. A much better idea in this case is to use a 3rd party application which can help you get the most out of your scanner.

One such application is PaperScan. As the name clearly states, this Windows application was specially designed to help you scan any kind of paper document and easily save it as a document or image file. After the application is installed, it will try to automatically detect the connected scanners. In case it doesn't find any, it will show up an error message, but one will still be able to use the application, by importing already scanned files into its interface.

For scanning, the user has two available methods, either a scanning wizard, which can guide him step by step through the scanning process and allows him to configure the scanning parameters down to the smallest detail possible, but also a quick scan feature, in which PaperScan will make all the adjustments automatically. After the documents have been scanned, the user can view them in the program's interface directly. Multiple scans can be joined together and form a larger document, which can then be saved in a wide range of files.

In case one needs to edit the document later on, he can activate the special OCR feature included in PaperScan, which can automatically recognize characters from any scanned document. But PaperScan doesn't limit to this, as it also allows the user to import existing scanned documents, offering support for a wide range of image formats.

It allows you to easily scan any document and offers support for virtually any TWAIN-compatible scanner. Besides that, several scanned files can be joined together for forming a larger document. Furthermore, the OCR feature can transform the scanned images into editable documents.

The menu system may seem a bit too complex for some users.

PaperScan allows you to easily scan any kind of document using just a couple of mouse clicks.
Findmysoft attributed an award to PaperScan. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated PaperScan 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential!


You can read the review, watch the video and download PaperScan Pro here:

Thank you Jerome for your review! :P

We're currently working on a full documentation of the software to make it virtually usable by anyone! ;)




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